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On Noobs & Beans


Ok… I’m a noob (novice, beginner… noob).

I was happily squeezing in a blog post, before a dog walk, threatened by rain even. Finished it and promptly deleted it by mistake. Crap!

I was to title it… Beans, Beans Good For The Heart, but now I’ve lost all my giddy momentum. [Aside: “Is ‘giddy’ right? Shoulder shrug… Enh, don’t care].

Here’s what I deleted earlier.

Beans, Beans Good For The Heart

Yesterday I had a craving for ‘beans’ for breakfast. I think because I needed protein.

Digging through my cupboard, I happily found a can of mixed beans – 6 bean medley – I think they call it.

I started with the beans, but it quickly became a concoction (photo) inspired by a recent visit to the Bulk Barn where i picked up a number of odd bits and jars to keep them in. [Aside: Actually when I opened the cupboard to look for beans – all the beautiful jars and bits were staring at me!]

Yes, I started with the beans, and added other ingredients as I asked myself what is was I wanted – to taste and experience.

Here’s the concoction (as it occurred):
– beans – 6 kinds (protein)
– some chopped up spring onions (green and oniony)
– flax oil (oily, satisfying)
– sushi/sashimi soy sauce (salty)
– a little rice wine vinegar (tangy)
– almond slivers (not over powering and crunchy + more protein)
– some chia seeds (tiny crunchy)
– some barberries (small, pretty red, some sweet, but very tart)

I think that’s all. M-m-m-m-m de-lish!

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