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New Learning


There. I’m trying something new.

Sitting by a shallow river listening to calming gurgling water, bugs of many sorts and birds here and there. Oh… and I am writing this post on my phone. This is challenging enough with the dog constantly pulling on his leash, as I try to keep my fingers on this skinny keypad. My reading glasses always pain me, but…

I really have been obsessed with the ‘brain’ these last couple of years.

I just finished reading “The Male Brain” (Louann Brizendine) that I picked up second hand at White Rabbit Books.

I found the book very interesting from the perspective of understanding how our brains ‘physiologically’ work a certain way (i.e. through hormones like testosterone or estrogen) which lead to our ‘behaviour’.

Since I haven’t yet read “The Female Brain”, “I am assuming” the same [perspective] is more or less true for the female brain. Yet, we still ‘eye roll’ when we encounter behaviours [annoying?] in people because ‘we think’ they are ‘choosing’ to behave that way. I don’t think we really consider that it is our ‘brain’ and it’s physiological processes that are making us behave in certain ways. I know I am over simplifying, but it’s been changing the way I think about people and why they behave the way they do.

[bugs trying to eat me]

As I was winding my way down the dog path today – I started thinking about the ‘brain differences’ between environmentalists, profit seekers, academics and the many of us hard working people who want to live our lives, be productive [go away fly] and leave something behind for our kids when we – check out.

I got an email from Environmental Defence the other day. They just completed a Report on Urban Sprawl.

[ok I now have 6 bug ‘or something’ bites on my leg. Not even going to check the other leg… eye roll].

I didn’t read the report. Just skimmed it. Some good thoughts about our need to build more sustainable communities, but a lot of us, already know this stuff.

I’ve been more interested in sustainable communities lately, because I want to sketch out what I think would be included [next post maybe]. I’ve already made some notes and can picture some of the ideas in my head. I’m not a Planner or anything. Just want to express these thoughts on paper. I think it would be fun.

The thing I realized, in glomming [love this word ‘glom’] all my thoughts together on all of this [brain, how we think], is that there is NO WAY IN HELL, that we ‘all’ [environmentalists, profit seekers, academics, workers] would have come up with this [cardinal singing] ‘sustainable community’ idea, thinking so differently the way we do.

I think communities start out pretty much the same way. Someone buys a chunk of land. Parcels it off into smaller pieces, people set up businesses on those pieces, others move closer to the businesses because they want to live near where they work and they want to access all the things they need [food, education for kids etc] to live.

Now though, we are hitting the wall – and we know it. So where do we go from here?

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