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Your Body Is My Canvas

art by: Alexa Meade

A Blanc Canvas Rambling
I love watching TED videos. For me, they represent ‘visual’ snippets of a concept or idea, that our fantastic brain can create. TED e-mails arrive in my Inbox, et voila. Based on interest, I can choose whether I want to watch – or not.

I am a ‘visual learner’. It’s how I learn best.
[Admin Brain: “Did you forget, you also learn by doing?”]

And we are all ‘different’ in the way each of us learns.
[Admin Brain: “And is a conjunction – you know?”]

And… there is absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g wrong with this.
[Admin Brain: “And is a… NVM”]

It’s makes life diverse.

It makes life interesting.

It’s how our brain works.

It doesn’t mean we can’t learn through other methods (i.e. audio, written word etc.), it just means our brain works better with ‘one’ of them. It’s like we are in ‘the learning groove’ when we work with the method we prefer best. And we like being in our learning groove! It’s safe in there.
[Admin Brain: “Your audience should consider ‘the learning groove’ as they interact with other people… especially when they feel annoyed others are not seeing/doing things in ‘their’ own learning groove”.]

In “Your Body Is My Canvas” video, artist Alexa Meade demonstrates what I call ‘upside down thinking’.
[Admin Brain: “Huh?”]

Upside down thinking [to me] means changing our brain’s normal pattern of thinking, to something else. But, something ‘really’ different. Like how Alexa was thinking.
[Admin Brain: “But is a conjunction – you know.”]

Happily, [I saved my ass] I was able to come up with a solution to a few problems thinking this way.
[Admin Brain: “Your audience should consider ‘upside down thinking’ next time they have a tough problem and their brain isn’t able to figure it out – using the ‘old’ learning grove… especially when they are under the gun [need to save their ass”].

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