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Hold Fast

I just got back to the house from a dog walk.

It is a beautiful day. Sunny. Warm.


It’s been a hard winter.


When I was out walking in the neighbourhood, I saw people; raking, picking up branches, changing over winter tires, watching their kids playing. I saw kids walking with friends. Kids biking. Kids walking their dogs.

Last night, our family watched a movie. “Hold Fast”. I’ve been thinking about it a lot today. I love Newfoundland.

With all of that, I make these observations:

If we want a better quality of life, we need to reflect – what we want.

Think it. Live it. Be it.

We all want to be respected. We don’t always know how this works.

Be polite. Be kind. Be understanding. Be open. Listen. Observe. Pause.

Be mindful. Be grateful.


Life is hard.


“It takes a Village – to raise a child”.

It takes a ‘Village’ – to raise a ‘Village’.

If we are fortunate, in this life, we grow from being babies, into children, into teens, and then into adulthood.

Not everyone experiences all of these diverse stages – living their life on this planet.

We grow older. Our bodies give way. We die.

It’s okay to die. It is okay to be afraid of dying.

Death – is just the last piece of ‘our’ puzzle. It is always harder for those left behind.


We cannot deny death. It ‘is’ our impending death, that helps us appreciate our life.

We are not immortal.

We should not live – as if we are.

We ‘are’ just passing through. It’s okay that we are just passing through.


Regardless of where we live on this planet – our needs are basically the same.

We ‘are’ basically the same.

We need water.
We need food.
We need shelter and to feel safe. We need to feel – that we are loved.
We need to feel connected – to things outside ourselves.
We need to feel – we belong to a community.

Past these things – we can flourish.


We are all individuals, but we need to work together.

We have a lot of problems, but they aren’t big enough to be unsolved.

We do not ‘own’ anyone, but ourselves.

Parents do not ‘own’ their children. Parents give birth and look after their children, until these children are ready to go off on their own.

We need to feel nurtured – in all stages of our life. From birth – until death.

We need to look after each other.

It takes a Village – to raise a Village.

Many hands – make light work.

Many minds bring many solutions.

Many minds bring different perspectives.

It’s okay to disagree.

Things are rarely – black and white.

Things can be messy and grey. It’s okay that it can be like this.

We need to care for each other.

We need to work together.

We need to respect one another.

We need to work ‘with’ our planet.

Our planet is our home.

Home – is important.

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