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“Please, I Need Some Help With This”

I am trying something completely new.

I get ideas for blogging all the time, but if I’m not actually in front of; a piece of paper, an open/ready WordPress app – the idea/ideas are as good as gone.

Okay – so today as I was puttering in the kitchen, I was inspired to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s – Rumours album (1977… I know!).

Anyway, my brain was yet again actively engaged in, my never ending obsession over ‘community’.

I mean – what is this?

I even draw conceptual pictures about it.

[photo of b+w sketch here]

[photo of colour sketch here]

All the time I was in the kitchen, listening to my music, I was going back and forth to my pad of paper and wrote down my ‘random’ community thoughts. Ugh!

[photo of my scribbly notes on community here].

Anyway here’s my idea. I am going to dictate my notes into my blog here, hoping you can help me decipher my meandering thoughts.

Here goes:

Our children are sacred.

They are very important to our ongoing civilization and evolution as a species.

We nurture them.

We are their role models.

As part of our community, they will grow up into caring nurturing adults.

We can heal our past wounds by focusing on the pain we don’t want.

Each of us has a role in our community to look after ‘our ‘children. Providing for their needs.

Where one cannot do… Another will pick up.

[something needs to go here???]

We will all understand the same desire… And we will work towards that desire (values?).

[hand sketch of stages of life: Baby. Toddler. Child. Teen (another word for ‘teen’?). Young adult. Adult. Elder. With the stages is a drawing of a ‘wavy line’ (horizontal) representing the ‘ups + downs’ of life/stages of life. Each wavy line has a horizontal ‘straight line’ going thru the ‘middle’. This ‘straight’ line represents ‘balance/harmony’]

Community is: collective, collaborative, living, experimental.

Community = The whole.

Community = Life. Balance. A safe place to experiment. To take risks.

Community will always strive for balance and harmony. Under those values… the community will know when things are out of balance.

[analogy for community in a drawing. As follows:

stars (stars in the sky = highs in life)

boat (boat = community = balance/harmony)

anchor (anchor below the water = lows in life)]

Something about a ‘barometer’ came to mind here.

I have a whole other page of notes on ‘time’ and how we work with it – but will leave it for another post.


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  1. I’ve got some bad connection these last two days, yet here goes..

    Yep, mind is way faster than hands, isn’t it? Ideas do come anytime. Meaning, it might as well be that one too many times the problem is not about what to write, but more about
    how to put those flashing ideas into writing. Here is a way to go that might suit you:

    1) Spill it out (just write)
    2) Done? Then ask: “What is this post all about?” (make sure you can answer this)
    3) Do some editing (be ‘cruel’ here)

    Seems like you’ve done the first, but not quite the other two. We need to do #1 quick so that not too many ideas manage to slip away from us. We need #2 to check that everything is in focus (and recognizing which parts of our writing come more as distorsions). Then the hardest part #3, ‘murder time’. Really, it’s never easy to strip things off when every word seems shouting a solid claim on importance or relevance, but some rule of thumb: anything that doesn’t help make ‘your point’ (that is, the answer of #2) clearer is worth getting rid of.

    About comments and what to write
    It’s hard to say what makes people respond (that is, comment). I mean, say, the fact that you have quite some concern on parenting does in no way mean that you would comment on any post you come across that talk about parenting, now wouldn’t you? It’s not just about the topic (it never is). It’s about a whole lot of things. So I guess a safe bet is: write what you want to write—that’s the only way to make sure that at the very least, you’re doing yourself a favor.

    That’s about it. I sure hope it helps.

    PS: I’ve read some of the posts here, and my impression is that your posts always have substance and show that you care about the things you said. And that’s good, really. So please never let go ‘The Zeroth Law’: keep writing (and let no technicalities whatsoever stop you). 🙂

    December 4, 2014
  2. Sorry for my not making myself clear. I can’t tell you what it is exactly, since I don’t know it for sure in the first place (yet it’s got to have something to do with some ‘gathering of interests’ and free will, I guess).

    But my point was, the idea is so broad (and vast) here in this post that I can’t tell which one you want to talk about most (values? parents-children relationship? learning from one’s experience for a better collective future?. . .). So maybe it won’t be a very bad idea if you pick one from the list above, and make a single post out of it. Then who knows? Maybe it will draw in (or create) some community over it. You’ve got me, for one. 🙂

    1) Maybe it’s just me, but the image links don’t work (I think you’d like to know)
    2) About “Rumors”, I sure love “Never Going Back Again”


    December 3, 2014
    • kutukamus – Maybe instead of titling my post “Okay… Work with Me Here”, I should have said “Please Help Me”.

      My trouble is that all these ideas are floating around in my head and it is exactly ‘the picking’, I am really having trouble with. I’m not kidding. I need help from others to help fine tune this conversation.

      [ Thanks BTW for the thing about the photos. ]

      Are you able to pick something you would like to comment on – that is perhaps close to you/your thoughts? Or could you help me make some kind of sense out of what I have written?

      December 3, 2014
  3. Pick one, and stick to it. 🙂

    December 3, 2014
    • I don’t get it. What does it mean to ‘pick one and stick to it”. What does community mean to you kutukamus?

      December 3, 2014

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