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Tom Thomson visits Canoe Lake Cemetery: Uncut Version”

Tom Thomson visits Canoe Lake Cemetery: Uncut Version".

Tom Thomson’s Last Spring

Clever Blog:

George Perdue – The ‘Other’ Defiant Spirit


As part of my creative journey, I took oil painting lessons from George Perdue. George is a ‘plein air’ painter and some day I hope to do some of this.

I love George’s painting style and his use of colour. The colours are contrasty and vibrate.

I asked George if I could see how he organizes his studio [I thought if I could see a working studio, it would help me make sense of all the supplies. M-m-m more time for painting]. Leah took photos and video [thank you Leah] – so I could take in the studio unimpeded.

I say ‘Other’ Defiant Spirit, because I am reading [trying to read… it’s just taking me  long time] Ross King’s – Defiant Spirits about the Group of Seven. George has already finished the book.


Talking about oil paint.


George’s studio – great light.

george_purdue_workThe easel.

george_purdue_rightRight of the easel.


Left of the easel – paints.


The palette. Glass is easy to clean.


Thumbnail sketches – for composition, light values and notes.


Work in progress.


French easel – great for plein air – versatile, sturdy, big, but can be heavy. Algonquin Park? Will travel.


Beautiful brushes!


Portable palette.


Lake O’Hara. The tranquility and peace vs. the strength of the mountains… wow!


George’s coffee.


Thank you George.

Oil Painting Lessons… Or A Tiger Lily In My Tank

ImageStage 1
Shelley Newman, my art teacher and owner of Wind Water Trees, is very brave to teach me oil painting. I am such a noob!

ImageStage 2

ImageStage 3

ImageStage 4

ImageStage 5

ImageStage 6

Almost finished!

When I was a younger, I said “I will never try oil painting. It’s too messy. Yada, Yada. Now watercolour, I can get my head around. It’s so civilized.” Yeah… I know. I also said, I would never use a computer or live in Toronto… So small minded.

These days, all I can think about is mooching oil paint onto canvas in big gobs.

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