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“Please, I Need Some Help With This”

I am trying something completely new.

I get ideas for blogging all the time, but if I’m not actually in front of; a piece of paper, an open/ready WordPress app – the idea/ideas are as good as gone.

Okay – so today as I was puttering in the kitchen, I was inspired to listen to Fleetwood Mac’s – Rumours album (1977… I know!).

Anyway, my brain was yet again actively engaged in, my never ending obsession over ‘community’.

I mean – what is this?

I even draw conceptual pictures about it.

[photo of b+w sketch here]

[photo of colour sketch here]

All the time I was in the kitchen, listening to my music, I was going back and forth to my pad of paper and wrote down my ‘random’ community thoughts. Ugh!

[photo of my scribbly notes on community here].

Anyway here’s my idea. I am going to dictate my notes into my blog here, hoping you can help me decipher my meandering thoughts.

Here goes:

Our children are sacred.

They are very important to our ongoing civilization and evolution as a species.

We nurture them.

We are their role models.

As part of our community, they will grow up into caring nurturing adults.

We can heal our past wounds by focusing on the pain we don’t want.

Each of us has a role in our community to look after ‘our ‘children. Providing for their needs.

Where one cannot do… Another will pick up.

[something needs to go here???]

We will all understand the same desire… And we will work towards that desire (values?).

[hand sketch of stages of life: Baby. Toddler. Child. Teen (another word for ‘teen’?). Young adult. Adult. Elder. With the stages is a drawing of a ‘wavy line’ (horizontal) representing the ‘ups + downs’ of life/stages of life. Each wavy line has a horizontal ‘straight line’ going thru the ‘middle’. This ‘straight’ line represents ‘balance/harmony’]

Community is: collective, collaborative, living, experimental.

Community = The whole.

Community = Life. Balance. A safe place to experiment. To take risks.

Community will always strive for balance and harmony. Under those values… the community will know when things are out of balance.

[analogy for community in a drawing. As follows:

stars (stars in the sky = highs in life)

boat (boat = community = balance/harmony)

anchor (anchor below the water = lows in life)]

Something about a ‘barometer’ came to mind here.

I have a whole other page of notes on ‘time’ and how we work with it – but will leave it for another post.


Tom Thomson visits Canoe Lake Cemetery: Uncut Version”

Tom Thomson visits Canoe Lake Cemetery: Uncut Version".

Playlist – Ode to Neil Young (Mellow)

Thank you Neil Young!

Playlist – Ode to Neil Young (Mellow) – curated by Christine Upton

Old Man
(Album: Neil Young Greatest Hits 1968)

The Needle and the Damage Done
(Album: Decade 1976)

After the Gold Rush
(Album: After the Gold Rush 1970)

Heart of Gold
(Album: Harvest – Remastered 1972)

Harvest Moon
(Album: Harvest Moon 1992)

(Album: Neil Young Greatest Hits 1968)

Sugar Mountain
(Album: Decade 1976)

Only Love Can Break Your Heart
(Album: Neil Young Greatest Hits 1968)

Southern Man
(Album: After the Gold Rush 1970)

(Album: Neil Young Greatest Hits 1968)

Tonight’s the Night
(Album: Tonight’s the Night 1975)

Like a Hurricane
(Album: Neil Young Greatest Hits 1968)

My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)
(Album: Rust Never Sleeps 1979)

Cinnamon Girl
(Album: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere – Remastered – Neil Young With Crazy Horse 1969)

Cortez the Killer
(Album: Zuma – Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1975)

Tom Thomson’s Last Spring

Clever Blog:

#340 Feeling it in your bones – Neil Pasricha


I just love this piece from Neil Pasricha’s or The Book of Awesome. I signed myself up for the 1000 Awesome Things e-mail (and app come to think of it) so I am bombarded by awesomeness a couple of times a day… and you know… I am totally ok with that. Reading the online comments, makes me feel at home. Thank you Neil!

“Born and blasted into the world you’re a baby brain with wide eyes, chubby legs, and cloudy thoughts. Mom lifts you and picks you, eyes open and close, and fogs rise and settle. Tears stream and faces scream as your swirling brain twists and turns into thoughts…

Nothing makes sense till it does.

Nothing feels right till it does.”


“I am the life-force power of the universe.”

“I am the life-force power of the universe. I am the life-force power of the 50 trillion beautiful molecular geniuses that make up my form, at one with all that is.” Jill Bolte Taylor – My Stroke Of Insight

The 1st time I saw Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED video – Stroke of Insight – I cried. Not because I felt sad for Jill, but because she described so well the inner peace she felt as a result of the stroke that she was aware she was having. She called it “La La Land.”

I felt La La Land too – although not to the extent that Jill did. (Bummer).

Nirvana. Euphoria. Who wouldn’t want that?

I tell everyone I can about Jill’s video, because it is a clue as to how our brain’s can think differently from one another. It’s those differences that make us unique. Those differences are marvellous! (WordBook App: “being or having the character of a miracle”). We need to marvel at these things… n’est pas?

The photo above, is some art work I did recently with the help of Kim. Kim is helping me ‘express myself’ these days which seems very difficult… hence A Blanc Canvas. If you want to befuddle me these days, just ask me an open ended question, such as, “How are you doing?’ Or, “How are you feeling?” I’m likely to walk away. How can I answer that?

Kim used an article from Brain Pickings as inspiration for the art piece we worked on: Why Emotional Excess is Essential to Writing and Creativity. This art is an expression of the article and how it made me feel. A visual rendition.

Red – Represents needing to be or feel ‘anchored’. To this world I guess. Red is also the colour for the Root Chakra – that ‘grounds’ us.

Blue – Represents ‘borders’. Helps keep you in. Keeps you safe in the confines of open space.

Yellow – Represents ‘energy, light, personal power.’

Orange – Represents ‘physical connection’ between the Red anchors and the Yellow energy.

Violet – Represents ‘spirituality’ of the inner physical being.

White – Represents the ‘spiritual connection’. Reaching out beyond the physical.

It’s no surprise then, that Violet and White together are bursting from the confines of both – anchors and borders.

Compare the above art vs. that below.

I call this one – my brain on a bad day.

I Am The Captain Of My Soul


William Earnest Henley (published 1875)
(Invictus means “Unconquered” in Latin)

Out of the night that covers me
black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever gods may be
for my unconquerable soul

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud
Under the bludgeonings of chance
my head is bloody, but unbowed

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
looms but the horror of the shade
and yet the menace of the years
finds, and shall find me, unafraid

It matters not how strait the gate
how charged with punishments the scroll
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul


“How do you know I have a brain injury?” I asked.

That’s what I asked when my (now) Occupational Therapist first came to see me.

On March 5, 2011, my husband, dog and I left Orangeville with some special dog food (which is why we had him with us) and started on our drive back home.

The next thing I remember is being in a hospital. Sunnybrook. I was strangely ‘unperturbed’ by this – which should have told me something right there.

I went home shortly after that with a letter from Sunnybrook saying I suffered a ‘traumatic brain injury’ or TBI for short. I didn’t know what a TBI was or how it would affect me. The remaining part of 2011 is a blur now. We’re half way through 2012, and I’m still struggling to understand TBI in what I can and cannot do. But that… as I am finding out – is the lot of having a TBI.

There I said it. T-r-a-u-m-a-t-i-c B-r-a-i-n I-n-j-u-r-y. I’m not looking for sympathy. I am looking for patience, understanding and to educate. TBI doesn’t just affect the victim. It affects family as well.

My family is everything to me right now. I have other wonderful people helping me too and friends that are concerned.

I am not the same.

I’m not sure what that even means to be ‘the same’, but I am ok.

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